observation as follows-         h  m    s              By clock

            Beginning of Eclipse 0-43-04 P.M.    uncon-

            End            of  Do         3-47-59-          -nected

            Length of the Versed Sine of the unobscured part at the time of greatest observation, 10 divisions of Micrometer

             div.   digits  div.    digits

Glance  90:   12: : 10 : 1 1/3 ; and 12-1 1/3= 10 2/3=

the digits eclipsed by observation, on the south circle of the sun-------

            Telescope used in observing the eclipse a 2 ½ feet achromatic refractor, magnifying power about 75, furnished with a pearl micrometer, and made by Jones of London.

            The chronometer made use of was a very regular going clock with a second  hand.

                    h   m

            P.M. 7-26 Comet from Arcturus, right, 39˚-41

                   7-39---------from Alioth, below     15-45


Sept. 18.          Morning very foggy:  about 10 hours A.M. the sun appeared.