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Solar moon by clock            Mean noon    mean time     drift

                       h     m    s    th      h    m           m  s   th     s     th

Sept. 17th-- 11-57-27-20 -- 11-54-40 --2-47-20 --35-54 gain

         18          11-57-42-14 -- 11-54-19 --3-23-14 -- 9-24 less

         19          11-57-11-50 -- 11-23-58 --3-13-50

            The altitudes taken on the 18th are probably considerably variant from the truth.  For, besides the badness of the horizon, the observations were made too near the meridian.

            Rejecting those altitudes, and using those of the 17th & 19th , it appears that the clock gained 26 seconds 30 thirds in 48 hours upon mean time; and consequently

                                                      s    th

24 thirds at the beginning, and 2-04 at  the end of the eclipse on the 17th.  But the gain of apparent upon mean time being the same periods, was greater than the gain of the clock; which was therefore constantly losing of apparent time

           m   s   th

being 2-32-11 slow at the beginning  

                                m   s   th

of the eclipse, and 2-33-55 at the end.

            From the above data it follows that the true times of beginning and end