h  m

Dec. 8. P.M.    6-52 Comet from a Lynae------ 37˚-23

                          7-02 -------  from a Aquilia          3-56

                           7-07 -------  from a Pegasi         44-51

Dec. 14. P.M.    7-05 -------- from Fomalhaut      51-47

                           7-15 -------- from a Aquilia           7-36

            A variety of avocations presented our making any more observations on the comet; although it was visible to the naked eye till some time in January 1812.  Of the preceding distances those which were taken in the month of September, and beginning of October, are not probably very accurate; for besides the indistinctness of the head of the comet, the observations were then made without the long telescope belonging to the sextant.

Dec. 17. Correct meridian Alt. sun's cent. 24˚-05'-41"

February 1. 1812.

Mag. Az. Sinus 130˚-45' from North, Alt. true 11˚-25'

---Do.----Do.   131-30-----Do--------Do.----- 12-05

---Do.----Do.   132-30-----Do.-------Do.----- 12-38

---Do.----Do.   133-00-----Do.-------Do.----- 13-05

---Do.----Do.   133-35-----Do.-------Do.----- 13-36