of the absolute uncertainty of all our possessions, and to an unqualified resignation of mind to part with them whenever called for – the better.

The death of infants & of other very young children is always attended (in my view) with so much consolation, that I can look upon the calm, sweet expression of their little bodies sleeping in death (now excepting even my own children) with a degree of pleasure which has little alloy. For I consider the declarations of our Saviour, as deciding the point that his sacrifice will cancel their original taint, and neither scripture nor reason will justify us in believing that there will hereafter be a penal retribution awarded to any thing but actual transgression.

 The death of half mankind within the age to which I allude, I consider as evincive [sic] of the mercy of God to our fallen world, in removing so large a part of its population, before they have become, in any responsible sense, moral agents. I know that these views interfere with Metaphysical divinity, which I value little, compared with the consolations which, I think, I have a right to draw from the Scriptures. I am very sorry that your anxiety should have been increased by unskilful [sic] medical practice, but I have followed to the grave, four of my own