New Haven April 4 1825

My dear Sir,

I hope the written letter will not offend your delicacy. I have heard some hints as if your name was not forgotten at Amherst & if it is in my power to serve you it is certainly my wish to do so. I think this might afford a change of occupation favorable to your health & to the continuance of your # which I grieve to hear is put in hazard by the present state of your health. Should you have the offer at Amherst by all means accept. There are many men who will be glad of your present situation & will completely fill it & the situation of a Professor although arduous has many more alleviations than that of a clergyman. If you think that my letter will be of any use to you, you can easily have it conveyed to Amherst, by a private hand, & dropped in the P Office there or in some other P Office. Should they wish to refer to me for a more detailed opinion I will cheerfully give it. If you care nothing about the affair just throw the letter under the forefiets [?].