of them then, say June or July but not at the hazard of your health. I am sorry to hear of your & Mrs. Hitchcock’s loss which is severe indeed – These things are past our comprehension.

Mr. Dewey has recently forwarded some beautiful drawings of your lady’s hand. They are now with the engraver & if you or she do not forbid me perhaps I shall make bold to put her name on the plate with a date – as they would do her honour. I am glad that the engraving of the Gyropodium pleased you & that you are satisfied with my imperfect examination of the topaz.

Is not the mineral you gave me for spodumene rather scapolite? I am not much acquainted with them but Dr. Webster has sent me specimens exactly similar which recalls scapolite. Yours most truly &

with the best wishes, B Silliman

Revd Edward Hitchcock