I then supposed that society would publish its papers during the year: but as they do not, I have regretted that I did not send my paper to you. And it seemed to me that the Association can hardly expect that the members should allow their papers to lie along from year to year. Again I have indeed given an abstract of my paper in a temperance newspaper: but that is about equivalent to throwing it into the Dead Sea. It cost me a great deal of labour & as no analysis of the wines of the Levant has appeared, it strikes me that it would interest scientific men. If I thought you would insert it in the Journal I would send it on, especially as the minutes of the association contain no notice of it ever having been presented & its character is so different from all the papers presented before that body that I doubt not they would be glad to have me withdraw it. I should think it might occupy 3 or 4 pages of the Journal.

I have been recently to Chesterfield after minerals but Mr Clark has not got any out and he is so torpid I almost despair of getting any this fall. I should probably not wait much longer before I send a box to your son to whom I wish you to present my respects. I got a supply of the red manganese from Cummington most of which is Carnelian & contains several per cent of carbonic acid, corresponding with the Rhodonite which seems to me to be a distinct species from the bisilicate. Mr Alger is going to bring out my scapolite rock from Canaan as a new species, Canaanite! I thank you for your kind wishes respecting our College. It may recover from its present depression: but if I rightly understand the causes of its decline, it must be many years before it revives.