I therefore resolved to go to Jesus as I was, a vile sinner, saying to myself,

            "Perhaps he will admit my plea,

            Perhaps will hear my prayer,

            But if I perish, I will pray

            And perish only there"

My will was broken, my heart was bowed, & I gave myself to him to be disposed of by him as he pleased, & I found he was ready to receive me with open arms.  I was soon filled with that "joy which the world could neither give nor take away"  Tho I could not tell the instant when the day dawned, yet I could perceive that the Sun of righteousness had arisen in my heart.  It was a still small voice that whispered to me, but it spoke such loving words,  that I could not but break forth in a song of praise to that Lamb which was slain for us.  I saw a beauty & excellency in the character of the Saviour that my tongue could not utter.  He was indeed the chiefest among ten thousands & altogether lovely.  I was in a new world, the Bible which had formerly been an uninteresting &