& the low state of its funds will permit them to go much further than this, admits of a question.

     The system of daily instruction by discussion rather than lecture, which the instructors mean to perform renders it indis-pensible, that they should all hear recitation, & accordingly, the condition on which all the professors hitherto have been appointed is that they shall hear at least two recitations in  a day, besides delivering the lectures in their respective departments.

     From this requisition they would, I think make some abatement in your case for a year or two, & might perhaps consent to leave out the lectures in Chemistry; but we do not think the professor of Natural Philosophy, can be excused for any length of time, from hearing at least all the recitations in Empiricts & perhaps those in chemistry.

   It is due to you that those general views should be presented, in answer to your inquiries, that you may have opportunity to make any further communica