Your prospects and your hopes are great,

               May God those hopes fulfil—

               But you will find in every state

               Some difficulties still.

               The rite which late has joined your hand

               Cannot insure content,

               Religion forms the strongest band,

               And Love’s the best cement.

               A friendship founded on esteem,

               Life’s battering blasts endures,

               It will not vanish like a dream;

               And such, I hope, is yours.

               But yet, God’s daily blessings crave,

               Nor trust your youthful heart,

               You must divine assistance have

               To act a prudent part.

               Tho’ you have lost a parent's

               Nor longer ask his care,

               It is but seldom husbands bring

               A lighter yoke to bear.

               They have their humours & their faults

               So mutable is man—

               Excuse his failings in your thoughts,

               And hide them if you can.

               No anger, no resentment keep,

               Whatever is amiss;

               Be reconciled before you sleep,

               And seal it with a kiss.