Or if there’s cause to reprimand,

               Do it with mild address;

               Remember he’s thy dearest friend,

               And love him ne’er the less.

               ‘Tis not the way to scold at large,

               Whate’er proud passions boast—

               For those their duty best discharge

               Who condescend the most.

               Mutual attempts to serve & please

               Each other will endear,

               Thus you may draw the yoke with ease,

               Nor discord interfere.

               Thus give your tender passions scope,

               Yet better things pursue—

               Be heaven the object of your choice,

               And lead him hither too.

               Since you must both resign your breath,

               And God alone knows when,

               To live that you may part in death

               To meet with joy again,

               So may the Lord your ways approve,

               And grant you both a share

               In his redeeming, saving love,

               And providential care.

Mr. Estabrook will probably be the bearer of this—he will tell you every thing that has transpired here since you left, that will be interesting—therefore I close with respects to your husband & assurance of my sincere wishes for your prosperity in temporal & spiritual concerns—