Problem XX.

     To find on what day Easter will happen.

Find the age of the Moon on the 21st of March

in the given year; if it be 14 then find the day

of the week answering to it, and the Sunday

following is Easter Sunday; but if the Moon's

age on the 21st of March be not 14, then

reckon forward to the day on which the Moon's age

is 14, and find the day of the week answering to

that day, the Sunday following will be the day


     NB.  On leap year take the 20th of March.

Example.  When does Easter happen in the year 1786.

            21 of March                             ny 44                                       31

            29 Exact                                   Take31= days in March          28

            1 No. of the month    13th of April, the                      31

            51                                            day of the full moon               13th

subtract 30                                          or, Easter Limit.                     7) 103

            21 Moon's age                                                                        14-4'=


car. up 44  No. of days to the Moon's

Add     23    being 14 days old.

Therefore, the 1st of Jan. being Sun.,

reckon forward 5 days including Sun.,

and you find the 13th of April falls on Thurs.

consequently the next Sun. is the 16th,= Easter Sun.