That very law which moulds a tear,

And bids it trickle from its source,

That law preserves the earth a sphere,

And guides the planets in their course.




                                    Serene philosophy,

Effusive source of evidence and truth!

Without thee what were unenlighten'd man?

A savage roaming through the woods and fields,

Rough, clad, devoid of any finer art

And elegance of life.



Hast thou not seen two pearls of dew

The rose's velvet leaf adorn,

How eager their attraction grew,

As nearer to each other borne?



'Live while you live,' the epicure would say,

'And seize the pleasures of the present day.'

'Live while you live,' the sacred preacher cries,

'And give to God each moment as it flies.'

Lord in my views let both united be;

I live in pleasure when I live to thee