faith is necessary to render a man’s zeal acceptable to God.  No matter how ardent & zealous men are to disseminate what they call religion if it do not agree with the bible- if they are wanting in any of the fundamental truths of the gospel.  A man cannot be too zealous to promote true religion- to save the souls of his fellow men.  But he ought to be sure that his zeal is according to knowledge.  The religious man, however although zealous in worldly things even to enthusiasm is unwilling any zeal should be exhibited in religion.  The self righteous Pharisee though ready to persecute those who endeavour to save souls has no zeal for any thing but for his ends.  And multitudes there are who are all zeal for religion so long as they can take a lead in plans for promoting it: but whose zeal dies as soon as they are brought to labour in a subordinate capacity.  The moment they cease to be distinguished their zeal expires because the love of a name was the grand motive of it.  So there are multitudes who are unboundedly ardent to proselyte men to their particular denomination but whose zeal would be altogether extinguished if they could make men noth-