ing more than Christians.  Their object is to make men Presbyterians or Baptists or Methodists or Episcopalians not to make them christians.  But very different from this is the zeal that is according to knowledge.

               “This has attained its highest aim

               “Its end is satisfy’d

               “If sinners love the Saviours name

               “Nor seeks it ought besides.”

               “But self however well employ’d

               “Has its own ends in view

               “And says as boasting Jehu cry’d

               “Come see what I can do.”

               The particular point in which the zeal of the Israelites was defective & contrary to knowledge was in seeking justification by the works of the law V in refusing to yield to the righteousness of Christ.


               This has been the grand thinking block of men in every age.  They are zealous to establish their own righteousness that is to show that their own good deeds are sufficient to recommend them to God & to prevent them from perishing in another world.  Much more zeal has been shown in establishing such a mode of salvation than in establishing salvation by the blood of