Christ.  But it is a zeal for promoting men’s destruction not their salvation for by deeds of this love shall no flesh living be satisfied.  The man therefore who seeks justification by depending at all on his own righteousness has a zeal destitute of knowledge:  he has no correct knowledge of himself nor of God nor of the law nor of Christ.  And yet such is the pride of these self righteous men that their eyes are blinded to their ignorance.  Of all the sins that beset man a zeal for self righteousness is one that cheats them most & is most concealed & most dangerous.  It is a secret leaven that poisons the fountain & communicates death to the whole system.  It is the grand barrier that lies between God & man.  The grand stumbling block over which immense multitudes plunge into perdition.  Pride unsubdued unperceived self righteous pride is the giant defender of the natural heart against Salvation by the cross. It throws over that method of saving men the aspect of foolishness and effectually bars up every avenue to conviction. Hence it is that many a formal moralist many a strict self righteous legalist loses his soul while the abandoned outcast the far gone sinner repents & bows to the righteousness