of a Saviour.  There is no sin that so endangers the soul none more offensive in the sight of God than a secret self conceited pride that is zealous for its own dignity but despises the cross of Christ.  A man under its influence looks upon all humble real zeal for religion as enthusiastic frenzy.  He calls the devoted servants of Jesus deluded fanatics or weak unfortunate men and does not know that there exists in his heart a hostility to God & religion that will destroy him unless God have mercy on him & subdue him to the righteousness of Christ.  For as the apostle says V. 4. & c.

               What is it is the great end and scope of the law to lead men to Christ’s righteousness for justification.  By its strictness it showed men if they would look at it in its true light that it was impossible for them to attain to salvation on the ground of law.  For says Paul V. 5. & c.  In other words it is only the man who doeth all the law requires- who fantises a lawless obedience that can be saved through it.    And therefore no man can thus be saved since all have sinned. But the righteousness of faith which the apostle preached might be described by using the words of Moses with reference to another subject V. 6,7,8,9 & 10. &11: