No. 152

63 & Hymn 2d Book

89 Psalm 2d part L. M.

61 & Hymn 2d Book

                                    A10 Nov. 1836

                                    At Conway Feb. 1823

16 Psalm 4th part C. M. (Church Psalmatry)

459 Hymn &

590 Hymn &                Amherst College August 1835

172 Hymn &                Amherst W. Parish Nov 1835

                                    Sunderland April 1836

                                    Greenfield S. parish May 1836


                                    Hadley May 22d 1836

                                    Hadley Mills May 29th 1836

                                    Amherst June 5th 1836

                                    Hatfield August 1836

                                    Northampton Jan. 1837

                        Exodus 20__ 3.

Thou shall have no other gods before me.

     In the morning I presented from this text a history of heathen idolatry-and who of us was there that did not feel an abhorrence of the disgraceful & beastly & bloody worship of false gods?  Who did not feel as if the existence of idolatry indicated a state of society the most depraved & corrupt & hateful?  Who did not shrink