talents to those of every other being.  he spends [month after month &] year after year in the ardent & persevering acquisition of human knowledge sacrificeing his health the vigour of his days & all the enjoyments of his life: while perhaps the glorious attributes of Jehovah awaken within him but little interest and the eternal joys of heaven hold out no charms for him.  What heathen devotee is more faithful to his god than such a  man is to the divinity he adores!

     The accomplished man idolizes his manners.  He is more anxious to appear well in the sight of man than in the sight of God.  It would mortify him beyond measure to be guilty of a clownish act before the world: but it would bring no blush upon his cheek to be guilty of neglecting that attention to God & his ordinances which God demands.  He would notice with more disgust & aversion the breach of a punctilio of politeness than he would a violation of the law of God.  He therefore is an


     The person who fancies herself to be beautiful idolizes her form or her face.  Suppose for illustration such a person to come