and he manifests the most sottish indifference: but speak to him of his elegant carriage- of his noble horses- of his splendid habitation- describe to him the brilliancy of the saloon & the assembly a ball room- and you describe a thing to which every feeling of his soul vibrates.  The South Sea  Islander Oashishean worships the plume of an ostrich in the head of his chief god- and wherein do these two persons differ in the sight of heaven?

     The sensualist idolizes his pleasures.  The glutton as the apostle says makes a god of his belly and consecrates more to its demise than he does to the living god- the intemperate drunkard makes a god of the intoxicating cup and sacrifices to this without scruple his health his reputation the comfort of his friends and finally his life.  The debauchee pays his adorations and sacrifices heart health and life to the vilest of idols What is all this my hearers but worshiping devils!

     Again very many idolize their friends- the child places more confidence in his parents than in God and robs God