that he may please them.  The wife relies more upon the kindness and protection of her husband than upon the providence of God: and the doating husband worships & serves his wife more faithfully than he does the God in whom he lives and moves.  The parent becomes as strongly attached to his child as to forget that God has a better right to it than himself-He wishes to monopolise it to himself- He fancies great comfort will be derived from it in future years and looks forward perhaps to the period of old age when it will be the staff on which he can lean-In a word he loves the child better than he loves God & places his dependence there more than upon God- But says Christ he that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.  He has chosen his object of worship and God will not have a rival.  He demands the supreme affection of the heart for he will have none.  And therefore when we thus transfer the affection due to God to a mere gift of God it is a gross