We have not time to examine the connection between the several  parts & beings in the universe although this would be a most interesting work- nor have we time to those the wonderful organization of any individual creature or thing.  The Psalmist when he says O Lord how manifold are thy works, was evidently contemplating merely the countless multitude & variety of the creation of God- and we wish now to follow this same thought & shall endeavour to set before you an enumeration so far as is possible of the organized and unorganized the animate and inanimate parts of the universe.

     And here let it be remarked that in the works of God there is a wonderful succession or gradation from the most perfect and simple complicated to mere dead matter.  There is a connected chain of beings from man down to the dust under our feet and every individual link in this chain differs but slightly from that next above it.  In our enumeration we shall begin with man who evidently occu-