pies the next place below angels and stands at head of this lower creation and then endeavor to follow this chain throughout till we arrive at inanimate matter.

     All the individuals of the human race constitute but one species all having sprung from Adam and Eve.  That is if we believe the bible to be true we must suppose this to be the case.  And the varieties in the human countenance and stature in different countries are with little difficulty accounted for by natural causes. without supposing these varieties to constitute different species descending from different progenitors.  It is impossible to know precisely the number of human beings now alive on the whole globe- A moderate estimate however will make them 800,000,000.  We will suppose however that upon an average since the creation the population of the globe has been only 600,000000- and that a generation lasts but forty years- that is suppose during every 40 years 600 millions die.