In this supposition there have lived on the earth previous to this time 90 thousand million of men- We know not how many more

will be born before the earth is burnt up But we know that the millenium will last a thousand years and supposing this to commence immediately & that as many inhabitants will be on the earth then as now we shall have the whole number of men who will exist on the globe from first to last amounting to 110,000, millions- 110,000 millions of immortal souls my heavens!  Can you form any conception of such a multitude?  And yet hearer you and I shall see them all at the day of judgment.

     In descending from man on the scale of animated beings we come first to the quadrupeds (Class Mammalia) And the number of species of these that are known to exist or to have existed on earth is about 600 (562 plus)  Here let it be noted that we speak of so many different species or kinds of animals and not of the real number of individuals that inhabit the earth.  Thus we say that the tiger