and the elephant are different species;  but we pretend not to say how many tigers or how many elephants inhabit the wilderness.  They may amount to millions- And this same remark ought to be kept in mind as we proceed to other descriptions of Gods creatures.

     And we come next to birds- the inhabitants of the air.  Not less than three thousand different species of these have been described in the whole world- reaching from the tall ostrich which the Arabs sometimes employ instead of horses down to the wren or swallow. Nearly 300 species (278) have been described in the United States and probably as many as 1000 exist in N. America.  And here would we repeat the remark just made that we are giving the number of the species of different animals and not the number of the individuals of those species- In this country we know little of the countless number of birds in some of


the most prolifick species- a traveller in the South Sea Islands affirms that in an hour and an half there flew over him a flock of a single species of bird containing not less than 151 million