and how many in the world!

     The next class of objects in the creation of God is the minerals. In this term is included not merely the various ores of metals but also every rock and every sort of earth found in the globe.  And here we would just remark that many will suppose that in minerals there is none or little order and very few marks of design and wisdom.  But the truth is their regularity and construction when understood are truly astonishing: and although we cannot stop to elucidate this subject yet whoever will devote a little time and attention to it will find himself in a most wonderful field where new wonders will continually burst upon him and he will be surprised at the marks of the handy work of God in the most shapeless stone under his feet.  And this same evidence of a creating God will meet him when he proceeds to examine those apparently confused and irregular masses of rocks that form the loftiest mountains of our globe.  The whole number of the species of mineral at present known and described is 230, and the whole number of species and varieties nearly 600-