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     We are now naturally led to consider the earth as a whole: and here we begin to contemplate those works of the creator that eminently display his almighty power.  And when we learn with certainty that this globe is nearly 8000 miles through it and 25000 around it, especially when we are told that it contains 266 thousand millions of solid cubic miles, the thought forcibly strikes us how immense must have been the power that first created it and still upholds it.  This idea too receives additional force when we are told that this immense mass of the globe is carried forward in space at the rate of 65000 miles every hour.  That is to say my hearers before we reach our habitations this day (which cannot be less than an hour) we shall be carried 66000 miles from the spot we are now in; and by tomorrow at this hour of the day we shall be removed 1,585,000 miles from the place we now occupy.  Nay during every minute we live we are carried over a space of 1100 miles and during every second over a space not less that 16 miles.