of 95,000,000 of miles in eight minutes of time- that is they move 200,000 miles every second.

     No doubt my hearers the vast number of species of animals and plants on the earth surprises you: But we are now speaking of suns and worlds, and here too do we find new matter of astonishment.  Although not more than 2000 fixed stars are ever visible to us in the heavens yet when viewed with the most powerful telescopes so immensely do their numbers increase that we are authorized to say that there are not less than 75 millions in the universe, that is 75 millions of suns part of which the fixed stars undoubtedly are and probably each of them is surrounded by several planets as is the sun whose light we enjoy.  75 millions do I say?  So many are discernable by our feeble imperfect glasses, but perhaps the creation contains 10,000 times this number: for "who can say how far the universe extends or where are the limits thereof!  Where the Creator stayed his rapid wheels or where he fixed the golden compass"?

     Here then my hearers do we rest.  We have enumerated about 30,000 different species of animals and 44,000 species of vegetables that are known to