exist on earth and we may surely conclude that double this number of animals and plants actually exist on the globe.  We have also stated that there are not less than 75 millions of fixed stars.  Now as every one of these stars is a sun which is very probable suppose that each one of them has as many as 20 planets and satelites revolving round it and this will make 1500 millions of worlds capable of being inhabited.  Suppose each of these worlds to contain as many species of animals and plants as our earth and my hearers what an astonishing view have you of the power and wisdom and goodness of God!  O Lord how manifold are thy works!  In wisdom hast thou made them all.

     We proceed to the second head of this discourse where we are to consider God's works of Providence.  By the Providence of God we understand that watchful and gracious oversight which He exercises over all his creatures whereby they are supported in existence, favored with mercies and governed so wisely in all their actions that every thing is made conducive to God's ultimate glory and the best good of the universe.  But there is not time on this occasion to take so extended a view of the subject.  We confine our remarks therefore to those providential mercies we as a people have enjoyed the past year and for which we are called this day to make returns of grateful acknowl