But in the grace that rescued man

     His brightest form of glory shines

     Here on the cross 'tis fairest drawn

     In precious blood and crimson lines.

     To create this material universe and the innumerable beings that inhabit it must have been the works of a Being almighty power & infinite wisdom and endless love.  But to now create an immortal soul dead in sin demands no less an exertion of power, not less of wisdom no less of love.  We have endeavored to set before you the wonders of creation but the wonders of redeeming love and regenerating grace cannot be unfolded by a mortal tongue.  Go to Gethsemane and the cross and the price there paid for the souls will show you the value of its redemption.  Go into the caverns of eternal despair and the spirits of darkness and men weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will tell you what it is to be unredeemed and unregenerated.  Go into the New Jerusalem above and there witness the joys and listen to the songs of the redeemed through all eternity and then only can you know the wonder and glories of grace which redeems and regenerates a soul.

     Yet this grace has been poured out upon thousands and millions in our lost world.  And many very many are now tasting the blissful fruits of their salvation at the right hand of God in heaven.  And my brethren have we not witnessed